Dental Floss-How Long Should it Be?

Flossing is something dentists recommend you do each time you brush your teeth. Dental floss is a great tool to make sure that food or plaque isn’t left in between your teeth where it can cause decay and cavities. So, do you know how to floss correctly?

Dental Floss-How Long Should it Be?First, know how much floss you should be using. To get the best benefit, start with about 18 inches of floss. Why so much? Well, for a few reasons. First, you need to be sure you use a fresh part of the floss between each tooth. If your teeth are tight, the floss sometimes gets a little shredded. You’ll have to use a new area if this happens. Another reason may be that if you have a lot of food particles or plaque, you’ll need fresh areas of floss so you don’t transfer it to between other teeth. If you use flossers, you’ll need one or two for the same reason.

Wind the dental floss around your middle fingers and leave an inch, maybe two between your fingers. Use your pointer fingers and thumbs to guide the floss between your teeth. Slide it or rock it between your teeth. If you force it too hard, you can damage your gums. Curve the dental floss around each tooth and go beneath the gum line. Then use the same rocking motion up, or down, depending on whether you are flossing the top or bottom teeth, to remove the floss from between your teeth.

Flossing with flossers uses similar motions. They can be easier for children or older people with arthritic hands to use since they don’t have to wind the floss around their fingers. Whatever you use, flossing two or three times a day is optimal for great tooth and gum health.

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