Picking a Denver Dentist…Look for Amazing Customer Service

When picking your Denver dentist look for amazing customer service as well as a doctor with excellent skills. How many times have you gone to a doctor or dentist and thought to yourself “wow, if they were a store I’d never come back!” because the customer service was seriously lacking? Your business is just as important to your dentist as it is for any other kind of business and you should make sure your dentist values that business by providing you with amazing customer service.

Picking a Denver Dentist...Look for Amazing Customer ServiceSo what constitutes good customer service in a dental practice? Well, let’s start with scheduling an appointment. If you need to see the dentist, does his or her staff make an effort to work with you to find the time slot that works best for you? Does the office have hours that accommodate different schedules? If you’re someone that works 9-5 do they have earlier or later appointments available? Is the staff friendly when making the appointment or do they seem annoyed with your interruption? What about reminder calls? Do they make them? All of these things are important. Friendly staff that is accommodating to your particular issues, who doesn’t mind being interrupted and who makes reminder calls makes all the difference in making clients feel valued.

What about how your dentist treats you? For many people, going to the dentist can be an anxiety producing trip. Whether they have a true fear, or they haven’t been for too long and are afraid the dentist will yell at them for not going to the dentist, no one wants to be treated like they did something wrong. Maybe they didn’t have insurance or the money to pay to go.

Maybe they put their children’s dental visits before their own. We all know going to the dentist is necessary, but it isn’t always financially feasible. Being talked down to or yelled at for something that is beyond our control is enough to keep you from going back. But, a dentist who is kind, who understands that people can have fears or limitations and makes their patients feel welcome and not put down will keep you coming back and who understands good customer service.

If you want a dentist who values your time and business, and provides excellent customer service in the Denver area, visit Makowski Dental online at http://drjimdenverdentist.com/contact-us/ to make an appointment.