How is Teeth Whitening Done?

Teeth whitening is done two ways- Either you use a whitening toothpaste or you go to the dentist for Professional tooth whitening.

How is Teeth Whitening Done?It seems that every actor or actress, model or celebrity has blindingly white teeth, and all you see on TV are commercials for this whitening toothpaste or that one. They all work, but rather slowly. So what can you do if you want whiter teeth faster? Professional tooth whitening.

Professional tooth whitening gives you a whiter smile than whitening toothpastes, strips or rinses in a much shorter period of time. It is done by your dentist, meaning it is more expensive than the other methods, but the results are worth the price. Here’s what you can expect when you have a dentist whiten your teeth.

First they will clean your teeth and polish them with pumice to remove any plaque on your teeth. After that the dentist will use implements and gauze to keep your teeth dry and your cheeks, lips and tongue from touching your teeth. He or she will also put a barrier along your gums to keep the whitening solution off of them. Then he or she will coat your teeth with the whitening solution. The solutions usually contain a bleaching agent that consists of hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. A light or laser is used to heat the solution to activate the peroxide, and then the solution is left on your teeth for 30 to 60 minutes. Some brands require it to be reapplied every so often.

After the time is up, the teeth are rinsed and your dentist will apply fluoride to help with sensitivity. That’s it! For the next day you should avoid foods and drinks that will stain your teeth, such as coffee, mustard, red wine and tobacco.

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How Often Should You See the Dentist?

How Often Should You See the Dentist?Often the question comes up, how often should you see the dentist. The general rule is twice a year or every six months. But is that the right advice?

The true answer to that question is, it depends. For the majority of people that is a good rule of thumb. Most children and adults should see a dentist every six months for a cleaning and check up. But sometimes there are situations that make that number change. Many factors can change that twice a year rule of thumb.

One thing is reality. If you are uninsured, or your insurance will only pay for once a year, going every six months may not be an option. Dental care, unfortunately, is not a priority in many benefit packages, and can be that “set aside” thing when times get tough. It shouldn’t be. Talk with your dentist and find out if he or she is willing to work with you to keep your mouth healthy.

On the other end of the spectrum, if you are at greater risk for oral disease you need to go more often. You may need to go more often if you are a regular tobacco and alcohol user, have diabetes, are pregnant, already have periodontal or gum disease, have poor oral hygiene or other medical conditions.

So let’s say you are a regular brusher and flosser, six months should be for you, right? Not so fast. Tartar and plaque form in the mouth at different rates. So people have no problem, others, have it build up quickly no matter how often they brush and floss. So your best bet is to be honest with your dentist, let him or her know your actual oral habits, any prescription drugs you take, any health conditions you have and so forth, and also your financial abilities to pay for care, and then come up with a plan to keep your teeth healthy.

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