4 Teeth Whitening Myths

Teeth whitening isn’t an uncommon thing anymore, nor is it just the practice of the wealthy and celebrity. Many people are at least using whitening toothpaste. There are some common myths about the procedures. Let’s dispel a few of them.

4 Teeth Whitening MythsMyth #1: All Teeth Whitening Treatments are the Same. False. Not all treatments are equal. Using a tooth whitening toothpaste is hardly equal to whitening strips or gels, which aren’t equal to having a professional whitening treatment done by a dentist. Professional services tend to be the most effective. Even different over the counter treatments like strips or gels or whitening pens differ in effectiveness.

Myth #2: All Teeth Whiten Equally. This is actually false on two levels. First, not all people’s teeth whiten the same. Second, even in the same mouth, some teeth whiten differently than others. For instance, yellow teeth tend to respond to whitening better than grey teeth. Yellowing due to staining from foods or beverages whitens more easily than natural yellowing. If you have a tooth or two in your mouth that has been damaged and has grayed, it will not whiten the same as your other teeth.

Myth #3: More Expensive Equals Better Whitening. After Myth 1, you would think this is a logical conclusion, but not so. Even though whitening provided by your dentist is the most strongest, the over the counter gels or strips may be the solution that you need. If your teeth are naturally whiter, a really strong treatment isn’t necessary. So ask your dentist what would be best before spending a fortune you may not need to spend.

Myth #4: Whitening Results Take Weeks. Well, yes and no. Some take longer than others. Tooth whitening toothpastes take a few weeks to show results, and some professional ones take a few treatments, but some commercial whiteners will have immediate results.

Everyone wants a whiter smile. If you want to dispel these and other myths about how to get it, call your dentist to talk to him or her about the best treatment for you or even the best whitening toothpaste to use. If you’re in the Denver area, visit Makowski Dental online at http://drjimdenverdentist.com/contact-us/ for help with any teeth whitening issues.