Why Do We Get Bad Breath?

Everyone gets bad breath, but do you know all the reasons why? It’s not always bad dental hygiene. Sometimes there are other reasons why, and attacking the problem means understanding the underlying cause. Here are some of them.

Why Do We Get Bad Breath?Basically, bad breath is caused by bacteria that feed on food left behind in between teeth. In many cases, poor oral hygiene is the culprit. Not brushing regularly, not flossing regularly and not seeing your dentist for cleanings mean that bacteria get a good hold. Food, sugars and fats that are left in the mouth, on and under the tongue, on the insides of the cheeks and between the teeth give bacteria a growth environment.

Some causes of bad breath are systemic. If you suffer from things like peptic ulcers, stomach conditions, meaning digestive systemic issues, you may have issues with bad breath. Your breath shares some of the same “plumbing” as your digestive system; issues with it can and do cause issues with bad breath. Other causes due to health can cause bad breath. Sinus, oral or throat conditions cause bad breath. Infections that cause open sores in the mouth or the constantly inflamed tonsils will cause bad breath.

Some causes of bad breath are nutritional. This isn’t just “I had onions on my salad at lunch” nutrition. In this case going on different types of diets caused issues with bad breath. Fad diets, crash diets, yo-yo dieting cause bad breath. Disorders like anorexia and bulimia will also cause bad breath. If you drastically change eating habits, it can cause breath issues. The biggest culprits are low carb, high protein diets. Severely restricting calories will do it too. Its one way your body will warn you that you are damaging it.

Did you know that fear can cause bad breath? The body’s reaction to fear includes dry mouth and accelerated breathing. Both cause bad breath. Exercise does the same thing. Another reason to stay hydrated while exercising!

Bad breath has many causes. Knowing why will help you get to the bottom of how to stop it.

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