Tips For A Great Smile

Having a great smile is not just about having clean teeth and nothing stuck in the front. Here are some tips about how to make your smile shine!

Tips for a great smile - Denver DentalStart with confidence! Too many of us remember when we were smiling and someone told us that we looked silly, or said something not so complimentary about our teeth. Well, it is time to move beyond that and just start grinning at people. The more you smile, the more they will smile back!

Brush and floss! Okay, you didn’t think that Dr. Jim was NOT going to tell you to brush and floss did you? Your teeth are one of your great smile assets and you should take care of them.

Practice your smile! Seriously? Like in front of a mirror? YES! Feeling good smiling is a skill like any other and you want to practice it until you feel good about what you see in the mirror….some great smile tips from wikiHow

Take some tips from the stars! When we don’t like our teeth (or our smile) we tend to look funny in pictures because we are trying to avoid them all-together. How about instead you commit to looking GREAT in every picture. Instead of ducking, ham it up a little bit!

Stop picking yourself apart. Last but not least, not everyone spends as much time obsessing about your crooked tooth or stained teeth as you do (shocking right?) I guarantee that if you ask three of your friends what they notice about you when you are smiling they will say things like, “how your eyes crinkle” or “how happy you look”. NONE will say, “well you are such a pretty gal but hey that tooth is just so distracting I can’t see past it”.

Smiling is about more than how your teeth look. That said, if how your teeth look is stopping your smiling, give Dr. Jim a call today and let’s get started with making your smile stunning! 303.751.5558

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