The Difference between Partial and Full Dentures

Partial and full dentures are used for different reasons. Did you know that you don’t just need your teeth for eating? Your teeth are important for speaking, and they provide support for your cheeks and lips. They aren’t just a pretty smile, but an integral part of how your face is shaped. If you lose your teeth, you lose a lot more than the ability to bite and chew, you lose your looks.

Why You Need a Clean RoofIf you lose teeth one solution to fixing the situation are dentures. Dentures can be complete, (a full set of teeth) or partial, which just replaces the teeth that were lost. Which you choose depends on different factors, including the health of the teeth and gums around the lost tooth or teeth and how many need to be replaced.

Partial dentures replace just one or just a few missing teeth. Partials replace the teeth and also prevent the surrounding teeth from moving and changing positions. They are real looking teeth that are attached to a plastic base that looks like your gums. There is a metal framework and they attach with a metal clasp. They are easy to remove and put in. Another type of partial is knows as precision attachments. These are invisible, but require crowns on regular teeth surrounding them to ensure they fit correctly. Precision attachments are more expensive than metal clasp partials.

Full dentures replace all the natural teeth. Like natural teeth, they support the lips, cheeks and facial muscles. Since they replace all the natural teeth, any you have left will have to be pulled. That means that dentures can’t be fitted until after any gum swelling from having teeth pulled heals. That doesn’t mean you have to go toothless while you wait. Immediate dentures are put in immediately after your other teeth are removed. The advantage is that you have teeth while your gums heal, but it also means that you may have to have more required rebasing or relining after your gums have healed and swelling is down.

So losing your teeth isn’t the end of the world and if you need a great dentist in Denver to help you with partial or full dentures, visit Makowski Dental online at

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